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    September 5, 2022 Petra Verhoef


    The new 22/23 collection is an ode to design in general. Artists, fashion designers and architects are a never ending source of inspiration for HKliving collections. We truly appreciate the time consuming process that takes place to create a new...

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  • New 2022 Collection
    February 25, 2022 Petra Verhoef

    New 2022 Collection

    Bring in the colors! Inspired by the coziness from growing up in typical Dutch 70's and 80's interiors, the HKliving NEW 2022 collection combines bold colors like green orange, blue and pink with the soothing neutrals from the basic collection...

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  • The smell of September
    September 16, 2019 Petra Verhoef

    The smell of September

    September is the perfect month to gather up home décor to get your rooms ready for the colder weather to come. Throw blankets, extra pillows and new vases are an inexpensive way to make changes in your home with a...

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