About HK Living

HK Living is a Dutch design brand, founded in 2009 by Emiel Hetsen and Sander Klaver.

In a short period of time the brand managed to grow rapidly yet steady and nowadays its available in more then 50 countries all over the globe. Since July 2017, Amstel Agency has imported the brand to the USA where it is now available online and at selected retailers.

The Dutch view on design with a hint of the past and a sturdy twist on all time basics make this eclectic collection unique and cool! We invite you to shop and if you are looking for larger quantities, do not hesitate to contact us.

The founders of HK Living and we as the official distributors of this brand want you to know that HK Living is about global living, an eclectic bohemian style and  pure, handmade original design. This brand is based on friendship. We hope you will fall in love with HK Living and give it a prominent place in your home.

Cinema 43 | HKLiving Promo from Cinema43 on Vimeo.

 In addition to HK Living we are also offering eco friendly paper designs by Jurianne Matter, art works via Amstel Gallery and no-nonsense and authentic designs by STBR