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Chef ceramics - flat bowl green/purple

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High-end quality tableware that is made to last.

The Chef Ceramics collection consists of the absolute tableware essentials for every one who likes to cook and entertain at home. The collection is made of hotel porcelain and hand finished, which makes each plate unique. Mix and match and set your table to make your personal taste stand out.

The Chef ceramics collection is made of hotel porcelain -a stronger kind of ceramic, for professional use. All items are hand glazed, which gives it their unique, imperfect look. All plates are organically shaped and hand finished, therefore finish and color will vary from photo. Expect differences in color and finish. Each bowl is unique.

· Dimensions: Ø 7” x 1.5”
· Material: commercial grade porcelain
· Color: variations of purple / green / grey / brown
· Remarks: microwave safe/ dishwasher proof