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blue and white table lamp glass base and unique shaped shade in antique white with details

Marie Olsson Nylander for HKliving Collection

Swedish style icon, stylist and interior guru, Marie Olsson Nylander renovated an Italian Palazzo in Sicily but kept the interior original. This palazzo, where she resides with her family is the backdrop for this unique collection.
The European style and rich history are the inspiration for this very limited edition collection of new designs with antique looks! Choose from a sofa for your living room that fits the whole family and throw in an oversized patchwork blanket made from fabric patches inspired by old Italian cloths.

vintage brick color super large sofa with hand made quilt blanket

The table lamps from this collection are super retro looking but brand new and only available in a very limited edition.

blue and white lamp with glass base and unusual shaped shade in a hallway in an Italian Palazzo

The story behind this beautiful blue and white glass base, antique looking lamp is that Marie once bought a similar vintage lamp, from Italy 1950. She has been looking for a similar lamp, but could never find one, so this collaboration was her chance to design her own. It’s a funny lamp, the shade is unusual. Lamps are always a chance to add something extra to your home. Why buy a boring one you’ve seen before?”

This whole collection plays with the rich history that old items have and the memories they made within families for centuries and when re-created can create a new family story for generations to come.

Italian palazzo large antique mirror dark toned marble console table          dark marble console table with retro wall paper and nike basketball shoes

Marie shows us with her styling that your home can be different and stand out. Swedish and Sicilian influences are carefully mixed with vintage treasures and hand made contemporary designs. She eyes for items that have exciting patterns, unexpected combinations of materials and has an open mind about what makes a house a home.

living room in Italian Palazzo with Marie Olsson Nylander standing at table  open doors to a balcony with a hand made patchwork throw blanket balcony overlooking town in Sicily with a retro style sun umbrella  

HKliving is all about mixing icons and retro items with new innovative designs and this collection is the ultimate mix of old country history and fresh new contemporary designs, with the ultimate vintage look.

Marie Olsson Nylander holding Moor head planter   Moor head planter set with flowers 

marie olsson nylander

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