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poster of HKliving Additions 24 summer collection products

Summer Additions 24

When it comes to the Summer Additions 2024; we held nothing back. We followed our gut and let our creativity run wild, resulting in bold designs, statement pieces, and a whole lot of fun!  We get totally jazzed by interiors from the past and its nostalgic vibes. When brainstorming this collection, we time-traveled and scoured every nook and cranny. We've got a major crush on vintage finds, super retro styles, and funky objects. It's a groovy collection for 70s enthusiasts who aren't afraid to go all in and geek out over funky interiors that scream 70s vibes!

retro style living room with coral colored wicker mushroom lamp and cream and brown stoneware sculpture   

Step deeper back in time with the additions to the 70s Ceramics Coffee Collection, a vibrant tribute to coffee culture. Each piece in this collection - from the earth-toned mugs and saucers to the whimsical sugar and milk jugs and statement coffee pots - it is all designed with a nod to the past, yet with modern craftsmanship that ensures durability. The rich, warm palette and groovy patterns create a visual feast that invites you to enjoy your coffee in true vintage style.
open shelving with retro style coffee cups, mugs and vases
This collection isn't just about functionality, it's about creating moments. Whether you're serving a strong morning brew or entertaining guests with a café au lait after dinner, these pieces bring a touch of nostalgia and warmth to your table. With their unique silhouettes, the two coffeepots are conversation starters, perfect for those café-style relaxing moments at home. The 70s ceramics Coffee collection is versatile, stylish and dishwasher safe, combining practicality with the allure of bygone charm. 

open shelving with sugar pot and milk jar in retro style brown hues

Here's to the love of retro and designs that stand the test of time. In the bustling hub of a modern kitchen, a set of acacia wood bowls steals the spotlight, a cheeky nod to the 1970s' love affair with form and function. Meet the fantastic four: an apple, a pear, a banana, and an avocado. They're a celebration of curves and contours that once graced avocado-colored countertops. Crafted with a passion for the classics, these bowls are an ode to a time when design was unapologetically groovy. It is retro reimagined, served up with a side of sustainability. The design process was a labor of love, a careful balancing act of honoring the old while embracing the new. No frills or unnecessary tweaks – just the good old retro charm, resurrected for modern-day feasts.

large acacia wooden platter with bowls in shape of apple, avocado, banana and pear

Meet the latest addition to the Lazy Lounge collection: an occasional sofa that combines the nonchalant ethos of relaxed living with the precision of contemporary design. An ode to tactile comfort and visual harmony, the Lazy Lounge bench sofa extends the laid-back vibe of the Lazy Lounge chair range, now inviting you to stretch out in its generous proportions. The design speaks volumes with its clean lines and ergonomic silhouette, developed with a high-density foam composition. Upholstery options include the rich and earthy Corduroy ribbed brown and the elegant Reeds print. Built to be versatile and long-lasting, a centerpiece that aces the durability test while oozing style and functionality!

woman hanging out on a lounge sofa with vintage Reeds design 

woman standing on corduroy brown rib element sofa lounger   



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