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Marie Olsson Nylander X HKliving collection
Marie Olsson Nylander

MARIE OLSSON NYLANDER for HKliving | Ombrellone Floraele

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“I have been collecting fabrics for over 20 years now and this fabric is an old curtain that I once bought at an auction. The fabric was already in a very bad condition so I could only use a small part of it - but I could never throw it away. For this umbrella, we made a similar fabric but with more contrasts, and I have to say, this is the most beautiful umbrella I have ever seen. The fringes are perfect and the brownish color is gorgeous!”

Dimensions: Ø 78.5" pole length 90.6" pole Ø 1.3"
Material: Polyester / wood / metal / brass
Color: multi
Care instructions: clean after use and dry completely before storing. Do not use in strong winds. Color may fade overtime in direct sunlight
Remarks: outdoor use / comes with a carry bag

This item is PRE-ORDER it is not in stock, it will be delivered to you in April 2023.