marcel vehlo art frame

Framed wall art - Marcel Velho

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Art frame made by Marcello Velho (1987) for HKliving.
HKliving has issued a free assignment with the theme "movement" to four different artists. The artists have given their interpretation of "movement" in their art work, not bound to use of colour nor material. This art work is Marcello Velho's interpretation of "movement". The art work is set in a oak wooden frame.

Abstract portraits and shapes, bright colors and moody floral. It’s the work of UK-based illustrator Marcello Velho (1987). Velho likes to work with simple colors, to create a clean almost ‘folk like’ piece of art. His work has been seen throughout different publications and he has designed products for various brands all around the world.

Dimensions: 15.4" x 1" x 21"