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Chef ceramics mug - rustic pink

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$12.95 - $47.95
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Start your day off right with this rustic blue mug from Chef Ceramics! Perfect for the morning coffee routine, this mug's special feature, that's right, an ear will make for a more enjoyable experience. And don't worry about durability, it's commercial graded so it's made to last. Cheers!

Each piece is unique with slightly different shades of colors and with different subtle patterns of matt and glossy finishing due to the reactive glaze. This undefined beauty is crafted through natural effects and spontaneous reactions which occur in the kiln during the process.

· Dimensions: 4.8" x 3.5" x 3.2"
· Capacity: 10.8 fl oz.
· Material: commercial graded porcelain
· Color: rustic pink
· Remarks: microwave and dishwasher proof
· Set: buy individual or per set of 4